At 13 years old, I began my part-time job to pay for school, which started my 50-year career in refrigeration. I found that I had an aptitude for the work, and more importantly, I enjoyed it. It didn't take long until it wasn't just about raising money for school. I kept at it, and I dropped out of college my freshman year to start my own refrigeration business. I invested my last $30, taking a risk that paid off. It grew rapidly, and when I was 25 I founded South Korea's first plant to mass-produce commercial refrigerators.

我从13岁就开始勤工俭学,没想到这却成了我50年制冷生涯的开始。或许我有一些这方面的天赋,但更主要的是,我很享受这项工作。 打工助学的日子没有持续多久, 但我却没有放弃这项工作。 我在大学一年级的时候退学,开始了自己的制冷事业。 我把手头仅有的30美元用来投资,这次冒险获得了成功。事业发展迅速,我25岁时就建立了韩国第一家量产商用冰箱的工厂。

In 1985, I emigrated from South Korea to Los Angeles, where I continued to follow my passions. I opened my business selling and repairing refrigerators. I also constructed restaurants and grocery stores, finding the refrigeration systems and layouts that best fit their needs. Through my combined experiences, I became an expert on the environments which refrigerators operated in and all my competitor's products. As I built my expertise, I noticed that there was little-to-no technological advancement. The products had remained the same over several decades, across all major manufacturers. I knew there was a better way.

1985年, 我从韩国移民到了美国洛杉矶, 继续追寻我的梦想。 我开办了一家从事冷柜销售和维修的公司。 我还建造了许多餐馆和杂货店,摸索最适合他们的制冷系统和设计布局。 我把各种经验融会贯通, 成为既了解冷柜运行环境又熟悉所有竞品的专家。 在专业知识不断积累的过程中, 我注意到:这个传统行业的技术创新少之又少。 所有主流厂家的产品在过去几十年里几乎一成不变。 我清楚地认识到, 一定有更好的办法。

I founded Turbo Air with innovation and consumer convenience at the forefront. Turbo Air was the first company to apply digital control in commercial refrigerators, a mere 22 years ago, and now it's the industry standard. I pioneered the use of automatic fans, temperature control and external monitoring, and indoor illumination for under-counter and salad/sandwich units. I work towards improving Turbo Air products every day, and I continue to lead the charge with my patented Self-Cleaning Condenser. This revolutionary device marks the end of the 100-year-old problem, rooted in ill-maintained condensers. Turbo Air is now a global brand, available in 67 countries with factories located in S. Korea, USA, China and Vietnam. I am always looking to improve, not only the products but your experience with Turbo Air.

It has been 50 wonderful years, and my journey still continues.

我创立了特博尔, 把“自主创新”和“客户便捷”放在最首位。 22年前,特博尔是首家将数控技术运用到商用冷柜的公司,而今这项技术已成为了行业的标准。 我率先导入的技术还有:自动风扇、温度控制和外部监控、台下冷柜和沙拉/三明治柜的库内照明等等。 对产品我始终保持着精益求精的追求。而我的专利设计:带自洁功能的冷凝器更让我在行业里继续引领潮流。 这项革命性的发明宣告了“冷凝器维护不当”, 这一百年老问题的终结。特博尔如今已成长为全球性品牌, 在韩国、美国、中国、越南均拥有自己的工厂, 产品更是畅销到67个国家和地区。我一直在努力寻求提高, 不仅仅是产品, 还有更好的客户体验。

回首过去, 这真是美妙的50年。 而我的旅程还在继续。

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